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Jordan M.

Emily is so amazing! I moved here at the end of my pregnancy and she was the only doula that would help me at that stage and I’m so glad it was her! She is so knowledgeable, kind, easy to talk to! The hospital I delivered at made it much harder for me to have a natural birth because of a nurse’s misunderstanding of their triage protocols but Emily was there every step of the way helping me through it. I truly couldn’t have done it without her! Plus, I felt so comfortable with her at every stage of my delivery and after. With all the Covid restrictions at the hospital limiting mothers to one support person and a doula, it was so wonderful to have someone there who felt like a friend in addition to my husband. Don’t hesitate to hire her as your birth doula! If I ever have any more children I will definitely be calling her!

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Sara J.

Emily was my doula for the birth of my first baby back in April. She provided so much information and support leading up to the birth of my daughter and was an amazing support person during my labor!

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Molly W.

We were so glad we hired Emily! She was attentive, knowledgeable, dedicated, positive, and willing to be hand's on. She essentially was applying counter pressure the entire 4.5 hours of pushing that I did! She was very focused and present with us throughout the labor. She was a fantastic cheerleader and believer in me when times dipped into the 'unknown'/'I can't' space of labor. We ended up in a C-Section, and she stayed until the birth of our son, which we hadn't expected or anticipated. Her thoroughness, kindness, and directness were and are refreshing and exactly what we wanted for the realness of this natural and miraculous process. My husband and I can't recommend Emily enough - call her first when you are searching for your doula.

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Gabrielle M.

I originally had another doula set up for my birth, but she ended up having another birth at the time that I had to be induced. Emily filled in for her! I’m so grateful that she did. She was such a blessing to have in that room. She helped with pain management, coping methods, positioning, and just the emotional support side of having her in there was so awesome! She’s super easy to talk to as well- I still send her updates from time to time of my two month old 
If you need a doula, I really suggest using Emily! She’s great.

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Jennifer E.

Hello all - if you are considering Emily for your doula - do not hesitate.
Emily was my doula for the birth of my son. It was my first birth I was admitted into the hospital unexpectedly with complications. I was alone in the hospital for a few hours. As soon as she heard that I was there all by myself she drove 2.5 hours immediately to make sure I had company and was taken care of. She spent time away from her family to be with me for 5 days during this process. Emily took care of everything I needed, anticipating my thoughts before I even had a chance to ask for a favor. When I was having a rough time waiting for contractions to start - she reassured me from a genuine place and helped me feel I like could move forward. When it was time for my baby to born she added in the side of strength that I lacked in the moments when I needed it the most. The feeling of contractions, baby coming down birth canal, providing comfort and relief when it was most needed, staying calm and collected under pressure, pushing me further to the finish line when I needed it the most. She knew everything that I needed to have happen. I felt strong but I could not have done it with out Emily. I am so thankful to have had her there. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

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